Image of TWIST OF FATE 2018 [VINYL]


The 3rd album "TWIST OF FATE" is out
Sep. 14th Europe on HIGH ROLLER Records
Sep. 19th Asia on SPIRITUAL BEAST Records

First 100 pre orders will come with A2 full color poster plus cool button for your denim/leather jacket. All the pre orders will be sent around 1 week before the release date so you will receive yours a bit early than 14th September. Be quick!

Con las primeras 100 pre orders regalamos un poster tamaño A2 firmado a todo color y una chapa para vuestras chaquetas de cuero/vaqueras. Todas las pre orders sedan enviadas 1 semana antes de la fecha de salida asi que recibiréis el nuevo album antes del 14 de Septiembre.

1. Take it All
2. Final Warning
3. Twist of Fate
4. Flight to Freedom
5. Svccvbvs
6. Evil Within
7. On the Run
8.In the Heat of the Night
9. Rockin' out the city
10. Heroes